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List of current members and WDA membership form

Membership form, members, member organisations

You are invited to join the Wattle Day Association
to promote the celebration of National Wattle Day

Wattle Day

To download a membership form please click here and post to:

Wattle Day Association Inc.
PO Box 530

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Judy Tunningley & Suzette Searle Telstra Tower Aug 2020

Judy Tunningley & Suzette Searle
getting ready for National Wattle Day 2020

Who are our Members and Friends?

Committee 2020 - 2021

President: Suzette Searle
V President
: Terry Fewtrell
Secretary: Terry Fewtrell
Treasurer: Judy Tunningley
Manager - Communication and website: Suzette Searle
Public Officer:
Suzette Searle
Committee Member: Florence Fahy
Committee Member: Mike Gilmour (Brisbane Qld)
Committee Member:
Phillip Kodela
Committee Member: John Owen


Florence Fahy (Canberra ACT) since 1998
Rod Panter (Quenabeyan NSW) since 1998
Terry Mether (Canberra ACT) since 1998
Suzette Searle (ACT) since 2004
Terry Fewtrell (ACT) since 2006
Brian Goggin (NZ)
Bronwen Goggin (NZ)
Elizabeth Falkiner (ACT)
Judy Tunningley (ACT)
Dr Roy Watson (SA)
Richard Smith (NSW)
John Owen (Canberra ACT)
Leroy Stewart (Canberra ACT)
Andrew Carter (Canberra ACT)
Troy Levier (Canberra ACT)
Kyle Levier (Moruya NSW)
Kathleen Ann Mispel (NSW)
David Corby (Qld)
Natalie Frkovic (Moruya NSW)
Tammy Solonec (Perth WA)
Denis Brown (Yackandandah Vic.)
Ruth Yule (Yackandandah Vic.)
Walter Dollman (Adelaide SA)
Kelly Henderson (Adelaide SA)
Chris Johnson (Katoomba NSW) since 2016
Arin Harman (Sydney NSW)
Dawn Waterhouse (ACT) since 3 May 2018
Roslyn (Qld)
Dawn Searle (Canberra ACT) since 17 Sept 2018
Teah Searle (Canberra ACT) since 30 June 2018
Jesse John Fleay (Perth WA)
Pat Wright (Canberra ACT) since 26 Mar 2019
Warwick Wright (Canberra ACT) since 26 Mar 2019
Colleen Goth (Parkesbourne NSW) since 26 Aug 2019
Fiona Eaton (Canberra ACT) since 27 Jan 2019
Mike Gilmour (Brisbane Qld) since 2 Sept 2019
Gary Rebgetz (Townsville Qld) since 3 Oct 2019
Pam McDiarmid (Vic.) since 31 Mar. 2020
Mark Johnson (Vic.) since 12 May 2020
Jeff Babbage (Vic.) since 22 June 2020
Phillip Kodela (Canberra ACT) since 29 Aug 2020
Marcia Dening (Robe SA) since 30 Aug 2020)
Jordan Hodgson (Sydney NSW) since1 Sept 2020 
Diana Jill Waterhouse (Canberra ACT) since 9 Sept 2020)
Peter A Reeve (Ballarat Vic.) since 9 Sept 2020)

Doug Waterhouse (Canberra ACT) since 11 Sept. 2020

Rachel Parry (Canberra ACT) since 27 Jan. 2021
Matthew Francis Paul Toon (Brisbane Qld) since 6 Feb. 202
Blake Kuiper (Canberra ACT) since 16 April 2021

Life Member

Dr Rod Panter (ACT) from 1 Sept. 2010
Mr Jack Fahy (ACT) from 1 Sept. 2011 - 31 March 2018
Mr Terry Fewtrell (ACT) from 11 February 2020

Member Organisation

  • Dubbo Field Naturalist & Conservation Society (NSW)

  • St. Dominic's Primary School
    145 Highfield Road Camberwell Vic 3124

  • Open Minds (Qld) since 2012

  • Acacia Study Group (Australian Native Plants Society (Australia)) since 2015

  • Glenlyon Progress Association Inc. (Victoria) since 26 Jan. 2020


Friends are those who have made a significant contribution and their names are listed below with thanks for all that they have done for the Wattle Day Association.

Maria Hitchcock
Dawn Waterhouse
Edwin Ride
Julie Ryde
Mark Tunningley (since 1 Feb. 2021)


To download a membership form please here

and post membership form  to:

Wattle Day Association Inc.

Wattle Day Association Inc.
PO Box 530

As of 1 April 2021, individual membership is an annual  donation of $15 per person, $20 per family or $30 for an organisation/association.

Membership donations can be made either by cheque made out to the Wattle Day Association Inc. and sent to:

Wattle Day Association Inc.

Wattle Day Association Inc.
PO Box 530


by direct electronic deposit into the Association's account:
Name: Wattle Day Association Inc,
BSB: 633000 (Bendigo Bank, Curtin)
Account No.: 146421318
Please type your name in the transaction line.
and send an email to the   to advise that payment has been made.


Wattle basket and Suzette 2015

Ready for National Wattle Day - 1 September every year!

© S.D Searle