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Wattle Day Song

We're proud to wear the Green and Gold, 
Live the Spirit of Australia, 
We welcome Spring on Wattle Day, 
From coast to coast, let's all say G'Day.

The wattle lies dormant through winter months, 
Building her strength for the Spring to come, 
When life bursts forth in golden sprays, 
Let's get together 'round Australia and say....

At the drop of a hat we'll celebrate, 
Go out in the bush with our BBQ plate, 
If someone's in need, we'll help them out, 
Let's get together 'round Australia and shout....

The wattle shows a way we can live our lives, 
An expression of hope, through fire and flood it thrives, 
By working together we can beat the odds, 
Aussie friendship and courage what more could we want....

©1999 David Raff and Jan Raff, Canberra ACT Australia

Download to listen to the MP3 recording David and Jan Raff singing the Wattle Day Song

If you want to purchase a CD for $AUS20.00 containing a 
recording of the song and a backing track (no vocals) which 
can be used to accompany children when they perform, and 
a page of sheet music consisting of a melody line and guitar chords, 
please contact Mr and Mrs D. J. Raff

Click here also for David & Jan Raff's sheet music for the Wattle Day Song.