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Create your own ways to celebrate Australia and being Australian

Dawn & S Searle, E. Ride 2007  - wattle stall

Suggested National Wattle Day Activities

  • Colour in your own Wattle Day badge Wattle badge to colour in
  • Take a sprig of wattle or something gold and something green to your Mum and/or Dad
  • Collect samples of wattle to decorate your classroom
  • Plant wattle trees and shrubs around your school grounds every year
  • Write a story or poem on what you think National Wattle Day is or what the day means to you
  • Visit the local Botanic Gardens
  • Join a tour to learn about indigenous uses of wattle
  • Visit spring festivals and markets with a wattle theme
  • Join in some folk dancing
  • Organise a play or poetry readings
  • Sing wattle songs. Click here for words and music
  • Hold your own Collectors Show to display and talk about anything that uses wattle as a design or is made from wattle
  • Make your own National Wattle Day badge
  • Paint an old shirt the green and gold of the wattle and wear it on National Wattle Day
  • Organise a BBQ for National Wattle Day for family and friends
  • Cook with wattle seed or decorate cakes and cupcapes with yellow and wattle blossom
  • Try a painting, a poem, flower arrangement, art or craft activity with wattle

Permission is given to print, or download and print, the drawing below.

If you click here on a bitmap file you can download
(= approx 400k - hold shift key when clicking here)

Decorate the school or classroom

Sing songs or recite poems on wattle

Cook food with wattleseed (here's a recipe for pavlova ( from Vic Cherikoff a pioneer of Australia's wildfood industry) and learn about the history of eating wattleseed in Australia in modern times.