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Links to other wattle websites and articles

Articles about Australia's National Wattle Day

(1st September every year)

Australia's Wattle Day
Rod Panter (updated in 1997)

 Wattle Days from Adam Lindsay Gordon to Ginger Mick
Edwin Ride

Wattle Nationalism
Libby Robin

Australia's national floral emblem
Australian National Botanic Gardens


 Australia's national floral emblem (Acacia pycnantha)

Golden Wattle (Acacia pycnantha) Floral Emblem of Australia ©R.Panter

Photo: Rod Panter

Australia's national colours - green and gold
The Australian Government

The colour references are:

  • Green: PANTONE®348C
  • Gold: PANTONE®116C


Australian acacias (wattles)

Useful website

The Genus Acacia

Article: Introduction to Acacia
Phillip Kodela, Terry Tame, Barry Conn, Ken Hill, Linn Linn Lee

Atlas of Living Australia - Wattles


Article: The name Acacia retained for Australian species

The Acacia Page
Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants (ASGAP)

 Flora of Australia;

World Wide Wattle - conservation, utilization and enjoyment of Australian Acacia species (Wattles)

WATTLE Acacias of Australia – via

Article: Traditional uses of Australian acacias
Suzette Searle