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Blackwood - an iconic wattle

Many Australians are unaware that the beautiful timber called blackwood is a wattle.

Acacia melanoxylon is its botanical name and it's a tall tree that can grow up to 30 metres high and live for over 200 years. Native to Australia, it has been grown overseas in plantations.

Blackwood in New Zealand


By any name however Blackwood is a beautiful wood with colour, grain, character and workability that makes it popular among the designer-makers, wood turners, furniture makers and guitar makers of Australia.

The following Blackwood items from Wood Works Gallery Bungendore NSW demonstrate the beauty and versatility of this iconic wattle










Blackwood side tables Blackwood chair




Blackwood stools



Blackwood square tables
Dining table and chairs Marquetry


Marquetry wall table blackwood

Jon Parsons - polishes a Tasmanian fiddleback blackwood electric guitar body

For more about this Launceston-based guitar maker who specialises in Tasmania's woods, including blackwood click here

Photo courtesy of The Examiner

 Blackwood Guitar Jon Parsons