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WDA badge designs 2010 - 2014

History of the Wattle Day badges Wattle badges have been made since at least 2015 to raise money for community causes around Australia. In this tradition, members of the Wattle Day Association Committee in Canberra first designed and made badges in 2010 to help raise awareness of National Wattle Day, especially the Centenary of Wattle Day. The designs for that first and following years are below:

Latest 'National Wattle Day' badge

National Wattle Day badge 2016                             

This latest WDA badge design was first used in 2014 and has been our most successful.

All our badges have the date of manufacture and Association's name and copyright on the rim i.e. 2016 Wattle Day Association Inc. for those who collect badges.

 If you are interested in having one or many of these 'National Wattle Day' badges for a donation of $3 each for a minimum of 10 badges plus postage, please contact our President


 Badge designs created by the Wattle Day Association since 2010 - 2014 are shown below.



'Wattle Day' badges

2010 - 2014

'ACT Rural Fire Service' & 'Rural Fire Brigades' badges 2010 - 2013





2010 WDAcentenary_2010
1st Badge launch - A happy partnership begins 10 30 Thu 26 Aug 2010.jpg
Firefighters launch the 2010 badges
2011 WDA badge purple 2011 WDAbadgeRed_2011
2012 WDA Badge - blue 2012


2013 2013 Wattle Day badge

Fire brigade badge

2014 2014_WATTLE_DAY_ badge

Badge ACT Rural Fire Service 2014

Badges for rural fire brigades across Australia

Fire brigade badge

©2013 Wattle Day Association

The Rural Fire Brigades badge (above) was designed by members of the Wattle Day Association and Simon Yates of Graphic Ark Pty Ltd, to support  our volunteer rural fire brigades.

There are strong links between Wattle (Australia’s floral emblem and national icon) and bushfire brigades (local community heroes). Each year in the spring brigades engage with their communities at street stalls and other events to raise awareness of fire preparedness.