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Australian Capital Territory 2022


Australian National Botanic Gardens

Themed Walk – A Celebration of Wattles

Join a free guided tour to celebrate Wattle Day

See arange of wattles in full flower and hear interesting stories
about their historical, cultural and scientific significance.

Mon. 29 Aug –  Thur.4   September

11.00 am – 12.00 pm
Groups 6 or more*

*Meet at the clock near the café bridge.

Contact in advance

National Arboretum Canberra

Grow your own national floral emblem - Golden Wattle

Now available for the first time - seed collected from the National Arboretum's very own Golden Wattle Garden.

Packets of Golden Wattle (Acacia pycnantha) seed (enough to grow 10 trees about 8 m tall) are now available through the Friends of the National Arboretum Canberra and at at the Curatorium shop (Village Centre)

Packaging for Golden Wattle seed 1 Aug.2022

Click here for more activities

Wattle Corner - the Wattle Day Association's annual wattle stall

Sat 27 and Sunday 28 August 2022

On display - Bob Lorensene's delightful Acacia wood collection

For sale - buy your National Wattle Day badges ($3 and $5) to wear for the We4ek of the Wattle

Wattle talks in the Golden Wattle Garden (at the end of Cork Oak Road)

Bring your own stool or chair and sit amongst the scent and sight of more than 100 Golden Wattles in flower at the Golden Wattle Wattle Garden. Suzette Searle (president of the Wattle Day Association Inc.) will talk about why this particular wattle (Golden Wattle - Acacia pycnantha) became Australia's national floral emblem when Australia has so many unique and beautiful native flowers

Flowering in the Golden Wattle Grove 2021

Flowering trees in the Arboretum's Golden Wattle Garden (at the end of Cork Oak Road)

Buy your own Golden Wattle Seeds collected from the Golden Wattle Garden

Plant your own Golden Wattle with seed collected from trees in the Golden Wattle Garden. This is the first year this seed is offered for sale. Don't miss out.

Iconic Canberra buildings will be lighting up in green and gold 

After dark on Thursday 1 September, check out the National Carillon, The John Gorton Building, Old Parliament House and The Treasury Building lit up in green and gold for the 30 Anniversary of National Wattle Day!

Thanks to our sponsors Yellow Edge Pty Ltd (celebrating their 20th year in business in Canberra) and the Care Co-operative Pty Ltd. for making this possible

Thank you to the Telstra Tower that will also be lighting up in green and gold.