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Wattle Day Events in 2018 - Canberra

In Canberra


Friday 31 August 2018

Planting and presentation of wattle at the National Arboretum Canberra

 Photos by Mark Tunningley (except where named otherwise)

His Excellency arrives at NAC 31 Aug 2018

With welcome rain watering the Arboretum, activities were moved indoors
where Their Excellencies The Governor-General and Lady Cosgrove
planted a Golden Wattle in a specially-decorated wheelbarrow and
received a basket of wattle from students from the Islamic School of Canberra
on behalf of all of the schoolchildren of Australia to celebrate National Wattle Day.


L to R: The Governor-General of Australia,
Liz Clarke (General Manager, Venues Canberra -
Chief Minister, Treasury & Economic Development Directorate, ACT Government
& Terry Fewtrell (President WDA)

Their Excellencies approach the planting site - a wheelbarrow

Liz Clarke invites Lady Cosgrove and the Governor-General of Australia to
plant a Golden Wattle - Australia's national flower

Lady Cosgrove and Sir Peter Cosgrove plant a Golden Wattle while it rains outside
watched by Peter Bourke of the National Arboretum Canberra Photo:GH


A basket of wattle was presented to the Governor-General of Australia
and Lady Cosgrove on behalf of all Australia's schoolchildren
by students from the Islamic School of Canberra Photo: GH


The presentation of a basket of wattle by students ISC

Crowd of 100 enjoys the ceremony


Happy Wattle Day from the NAC 31 Aug 2018

L to R:
Suzette Searle, Dawn Searle, Lady Cosgrove, John Owen & Sir Peter Cosgrove

The Canberra Airport proudly supports National Wattle Day

Canberra Airport on 31 August 2018

 Photo: Mark Tunnungly


Saturday 1 September 2018

Wattle stall at the National Arboretum Canberra (NAC)

 Dawn Waterhouse 1 Sept 2018 1 Sep

Dawn Waterhouse welcomes visitors to the NAC with wattle
Photo: © S.D. Searle


Photo: © S.D. Searle

Saturday 1 September

Wattle walks at the National Arboretum Canberra



Sunday 2 September

Wattle stall at Southside Markets Woden to raise funds for farmers affected by drought



 Photo: © S.D. Searle

Tuesday 4 September

ACT Citizenship Ceremonies at Albert Hall 10 am and 1. 30 pm


Citizenship ceremony Albert Hall Canberra 4 Sept 2018

Photo: © S.D. Searle


Duntroon boys wattled up 4 Sept 2018 Citizenship Ceremony

Well-groomed men, all wattled up, support their friends
as they become Australian citizens Photo: © S.D. Searle


Judy Tunningley, Dawn Waterhouse & Suzette Searle 4 Sept 2018

L to R: Judy Tunningley, Dawn Waterhouse & Suzette Searle
Members of the Wattle Day Association who who collected fresh wattle
to decorate Albert Hall and give sprigs to new citizens as a symbol of Australia
Photo: © S.D. Searle