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Wattle Day Association Inc. Strategic Plan 2019 – 2021

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Wattle Day Association: Strategic Plan 2019 – 2021

Current and emerging environment

The period covered by this plan holds the promise of achieving major progress for the promotion Wattle, National Wattle Day and the Wattle Day Association Inc.

Why we exist

The aims of the Wattle Day Association Inc. are to promote:

  1. National Wattle Day (1 September) as a celebration of Australia and its people;
  2. The Golden Wattle (Acacia pycnantha) as our national floral emblem and a unifying symbol for all Australians, and
  3. Wattle as a symbol of Australia.

Major Focus: Working with the Times - Big Picture Shaping


Within three years, the Wattle Day Association (WDA) aims for Wattle and National Wattle Day to achieve significantly greater profile as both a national symbol and focus for national celebrations respectively, in the context of an anticipated realignment of national days of celebration.

To achieve this objective the Association will:

  • Target potential major corporate sponsors identified by their national iconic status. Sponsorship sought would aim to provide funding for the Association to undertake major national promotion of Wattle and National Wattle.
  • Continue to grow and nurture key strategic relationships and alliances with organisations relevant to this objective such as  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups and their representative bodies, Reconciliation Australia and other relevant stakeholder/interest groups.


Other key areas of focus

During 2019 – 2021 the Association will also advance its aims by focussing on the following:

  • Develop and expand WDA’s internet presence (i.e. existing WDA website, WDA Facebook page and to be developed - Instagram) with a focus on building online networks.
  • Engage with Departments of Education at a national level as well as across the states and territories to develop a greater profile and knowledge of Wattle as a national symbol and its relevance and potential reference in many areas of school curricula;
  • Continue to build strong relationships with other key groups, including the ACT Government, national and Canberra institutions such as the Australian National Botanic Gardens and the National Arboretum Canberra, with a view to maximising promotional opportunities and securing grant funding.

This would also include building mutually supportive relationships with other important Australian advocates for wattle and National Wattle Day, such as Maria Hitchcock and Ian McNamara and the Group Leader (Bill Aitchison) of the Acacia Study Group (Australian Native Plant Society (Australia) Inc (ANPS).


Specific initiatives we will take for each area of focus

Develop and expand WDA’s digital presence and impact

  • Continue to use and grow our internet reach through an enhanced Wattle Day website and social media (Facebook and Instagram) and the on-going development of the Wattle and National Wattle Day resources for the public use; and
  • Prepare an ambitious development plan and costings for growing WDA’s on-line capability to form the basis of funding submissions.

Engage with Departments of Education nationally

  • Identify and task a member (friend) with an education background to prepare an outline document that sets out the linkages of wattle to Primary School curriculum elements such as history, indigenous studies, science, social studies and music;


  • Write to state ministers for education (copies of heads departmental heads) attaching the curriculum linkages document and advocating its use as a resource for teachers and a tool for improving Wattle education; and


  • Meet with the ACT minister for education and senior departmental officials to advocate use of curriculum document in ACT schools and build overall relationship with the ACT government.

Continue to build strong relationships with other key groups

  • Meet with ACT Government representatives to put case for funding grant and recognition of contribution WDA makes through Australian Citizenship ceremonies and other activities;
  • Nurture and build on established relationships with the Governor-General, state governments and local councils to promote linkages between Wattle/National Wattle Day and Citizenship Ceremonies and national celebrations; and
  • Prepare advocacy plans and ‘pitch’ Statements (what we offer the country and our needs as an organisation) for meetings with identified key national parliamentary and civic leaders so that representations made on behalf of the Association are consistent and well presented;
  • Advocate for Wattle Welcome signage at airport, railway and bus terminals across Australia;
  • Maintain linkages with Wattle interest groups (including Wattle-inspired and/or related organisations) around the country and continue to serve as an information and resource centre for National Wattle Day events and activities nation-wide.

March 2019